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Sale of Property Investment Companies

Our experts advise investors wishing to sell their patrimonial or property investment company in Belgium, based on their unparalleled experience.

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You hold real estate in a patrimonial or property investment company and now wish to sell this company and the real estate assets it contains.  How can you do so?

Tailor-made Service

As an investor, you have many questions regarding the sale of your patrimonial company: 

  • How to do so?
  • How to analyse it?
  • What type of buyer should I look for?
  • How to understand the value of the company's assets in relation to the share value?

All these questions and procedures are not straightforward. That is why our experts in the sale of property investment companies help you to clarify and structure the sale of it in order to find a suitable buyer.

We are convinced that the transfer of wealth through a disposal must be done in the best possible conditions. Drawing on our experience, we set up a tailor-made sale strategy that will allow you to remain in total peace of mind throughout the process, right up to the actual sale.

Sale Process of Property Investment Companies

We are convinced that the reasons for putting your property investment company up for sale need to be well understood in order for our work to go smoothly. We therefore invite you to an introductory meeting in order to determine the best approach to take.

During this meeting, we will explain to you how a sale of shares takes place and the different steps necessary to carry it out.

Following this first meeting, we will be able to give you an initial assessment of the assets of your patrimonial company and its value.

As soon as we receive your agreement, we will contact potential buyers.

  1. Production of a detailed and complete overview of all properties included in your property investment company, including a rental schedule, professional property pictures, cadastral plans.
  2. Technical review of the real estate assets and legal review of the patrimonial company, which will lead to the creation of a large data room.
  3. Drawing up of a valuation report serving as a basis for the definition of the real estate assets' value.
  4. Calculation of the expected net share price for the seller taking into account debts, taxes...
  5. Creation of a professional and attractive teaser and investment memorandum.
  6. Discrete approach to all relevant buyers with a clear and well thought-out sales pitch.
  7. Identification of the best offer, both in terms of price and security of transactions, which can then be granted exclusivity.
  8. Advice throughout the due diligence process.
  9. Assistance in negotiating the sale contract.
  10. Transfer of shares and payment of the share price.


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Do you want to sell your property investment company in Belgium? Do not hesitate to contact our experts.

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