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How do you make your shop sustainable and environmentally-friendly?

Even if you run a shop, you can do so in a sustainable way. Here are some ideas that will help you design or refurbish your shop in Belgium.

June 26, 2023

By Sebastien Vander Steene

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Sustainable business is far more than a trendy gimmick; it is a necessity for any business, small or large, that takes itself seriously. The fact that your business reflects sustainability is not only beneficial to your image, it also saves you a lot of money. 

Follow eco-design guidelines for your shop interior as much as possible.

From the shell to the decoration, everything that makes up the construction of your shop determines its sustainable aspect. Not only the materials are important here, but also the size, shape, placement method, origin and transport. Maintenance and cleaning of materials also play a role, and of course what happens to them 'at the end': can they be reused or recycled? The perfect guidelines for this are graphically summarised in the Ecodesign or LiDS wheel (Lifecycle Design Strategy).
LIDS-wheel in CBRE design

Don't waste energy and reduce your consumption

A well-insulated building can make a huge difference on your consumption of fuel or electricity for heating and cooling your retail space. With efficient insulation material, insulating window glass and decent windows, you avoid losing valuable energy. To prevent heat loss at the entrance, you can use an air curtain. An eco-energetic heating or air-conditioning system will also contribute to lower consumption bills. And for your lighting, it is best to use LED lamps and motion sensors.

Buy responsibly

You don't have to run an organic shop to have a sustainable offer for your customers. Just make sure that those who are more likely to choose organic can also find their products in your shop. Give priority to local seasonal products. This way, you limit transport and support local entrepreneurs.

Throw less away, recycle more

Enable your customers and employees to engage in recycling in your shop, with, for example, collection points for glass bottles, PMD, paper and cardboard. Avoid plastic bags so that customers use their own shopping bag or a reusable bag with your logo. Donate products approaching their expiry date to a food bank or charity.

Make a big difference with small habits

By doing simple, everyday things differently, you can inspire colleagues and customers: using the bike or public transport more often instead of the car, taking part in an event on sustainability, shopping in a second-hand shop, using recycled materials ... These are all seemingly trivial actions that do show that you are consistently walking through life in a sustainable way. Want to bet that your example will be contagious?

Would you like some more information on how to open a shop in Belgium or do you have any other questions? If so, do not hesitate to contact our Retail team.


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