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Changes to the EPC in Belgium: what impact on your property investments?

From October 2022, owners of apartments and houses in Belgium that exceed a certain level of EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) will no longer be able to index their rent. We explain it all.

August 18, 2023

By Pierre Goffin

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Regionally different rent indexation

If you own one or more residential properties in Belgium, you will certainly have noticed: since October 2022, and for a renewable period of one year, the EPC has served as the basis for rent indexation. In other words, the letter on the certificate, which determines the energy class of the asset, now has an influence on the possible rent indexation.

However, there are marked regional differences in the meaning of the letters and the percentage of rent indexation according to energy class, depending on whether the residential property is located in the Brussels-Capital Region, Wallonia or Flanders. This uncommon situation leads to inconsistencies at national level and makes comparisons more complicated.

Let's take a concrete example: you own two apartments that you rent out, one in Ixelles and the second one in Wemmel. For the same energy performance (220kWh/m²/year) and according to the rules in force, you can increase your rent in Wemmel (PEB C) by 100%, while your rent in Ixelles (PEB E) can only claim an increase of 50%. And if you exceed the 380kWh/m²/year threshold, only in Flanders can your rent be indexed.