Wealth Accumulation through Real Estate

Inflation-hedged rental incomes along with value appreciation and tax benefits make real estate an interesting asset class for building wealth. CBRE Private Wealth specializes in enabling private investors to make strategic choices regarding their real estate investments setting wealth accumulation in motion.

Our global approach geared towards private investors defines the best risk/return spectrum to be favoured in your real estate investments and gives you the possibility to outsource the practical aspects related to these same investments. A personalized Property and Care Plan will allow our investors to stay in control whilst keeping a piece of mind. Constant scrutiny is the key to a future-proof real estate portfolio. Therefore, a yearly Audit, conducted by our Private Wealth team, makes sure private investors can anticipate worldwide trends.

In advising both buyers and sellers CBRE aims to direct capital successfully: whether you want to sell your patrimonial company and instead invest in a block of apartments in Antwerp; or buy an office building in Brussels and a SME property in Liège after selling a retail shop in Ghent; CBRE possesses a wealth of information and expertise relating to the national and international property markets to back up your investment decision. Let our experts guide you and call on our property data, location analyses and socio-economic insights to determine your property strategy.

Our Services

Investment Advice

Investing in real estate is something that requires expert advice. Let one of our property coaches guide you and discuss investment opportunities and property transactions in all specialist sectors including office, industrial, logistics, retail and other alternative markets.

Expert Knowledge & Valuation

Our team of chartered surveyors will help you assess your property portfolio, value a new property acquisition or compile a loan file. Backed by thoughtful, future-oriented insights into property trends, strategies and opportunities.


Property Management

By outsourcing the administrative and technical hassle to CBRE you will be able to focus on the strategic expansion of your property assets.


Sale of patrimonial companies

Our specialized Private Wealth team has extensive experience in the sale of patrimonial companies. These so-called share deals require a great deal of attention and only a rigorous step-by-step process will ensure a balance between an optimal share price and a clear-cut transfer of the share ownership.


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Tailor-made property advice

How does it work?

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Property Plan

Together with you, our property coaches draw up a property investment plan based on your risk-return spectrum. This will give you a clear insight into how, when and to what extent your wealth accumulation will be set in motion.
<div align="center"><span style="color: rgb(105, 190, 40)">Care Plan</span></div>

Care Plan

As a real estate investor you wish to find the right balance between staying in control and having peace of mind. A fully tailored CBRE Care Plan will allow you to focus on your core business. Do you want us to handle the property management and the company management or also the asset and project management? The Care Plan will tailor our services to match your exact needs.
<div align="center"><span style="color: rgb(105, 190, 40)">Audit</span></div>


A future-proof investment portfolio is achieved through constant scrutiny, CBRE Audit's main target. Performed by our multi-disciplinary team, and headed by one of our property coaches, we assess your portfolio in terms of risk, return, diversification and valuation. Making well-informed decisions while navigating tomorrow’s real estate world can only be achieved through sound market intelligence.

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For whom is it?

Our tailor-made advisory services are aimed at all private individuals wishing to make their assets grow and create added value through real estate investment. Our client base is very diverse and includes notaries, accountants, independent entrepreneurs, family offices as well as starting real estate investors. We would be happy to meet you to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

Find your tailor-made investment property

Propertyweb, CBRE Belgium's property website and Belgium's largest professional real estate platform, offers investment opportunities for sale in most Belgian cities and municipalities.

Our advice for optimal real estate investments

Investing in real estate requires a logical and strategic approach in order to maximize the return. It is with this in mind that our Property Coaches give you some tips and tricks for successful investments.

10 tips for apartment investing

What are the key elements to keep in mind when buying an apartment? How can you maximize your real estate investment? We give you 10 tips and tricks to apply when buying residential real estate.