Wealth Accumulation through Real Estate

Inflation-hedged rental incomes along with value appreciation and tax benefits make real estate one of the most interesting asset classes for building wealth. CBRE Private Wealth specializes in enabling private investors to make strategic choices regarding their real estate investments in order to speed up wealth accumulation.

Our global approach is aimed at starting from everyone's individual risk/return spectrum and then linking this to appropriate real estate investments. In doing so, we give you the opportunity to outsource the financial dashboard as well as the numerous practical aspects specific to real estate investment. A personalized Property and Care Plan enables investors, on the one hand, to remain in control of their patrimony but, on the other hand, to evaluate new real estate investments with peace of mind and an efficient use of time.

Continuous strategic monitoring of your real estate portfolio is an essential element to monitor the value of your family's real estate assets. We therefore propose an annual real estate audit, which is carried out by your CBRE Private Wealth team. In this way, private investors can also anticipate the information that institutional clients also use to adjust their real estate portfolios in function of global trends.

By advising both buyers and sellers, CBRE strives for a successful orientation of capital: whether you want to sell your property company and invest instead in an apartment building in Antwerp; whether you want to buy an office building in Brussels and an SME building in Li├Ęge after the sale of a shop in Ghent; in each of these cases, CBRE has a wide range of information and expertise relating to the national and international real estate markets to underpin your investment decision. Let our property coaches guide you and rely on our real estate data, location analyses and socio-economic insights to determine your real estate strategy.

Our Services

Investment Advice

Investing in real estate is something that requires expert advice. Whether aimed at living, working or relaxing, it is important to own the right property as it should optimally support the functionality of the user. Let one of our property coaches guide you and discover investment opportunities and real estate transactions in all specialized sectors, including residential, offices, industry, logistics, retail and other alternative markets.

Expert Knowledge & Valuation

Our teams of certified valuation surveyors, also MRE and/or MRICS chartered, will help you to value your existing property portfolio as well as a new property purchase. We are also at your service when compiling a file to support a financing need. Our VLABEL accreditation is an extra asset in the context of inheritance files and the financially correct structuring of real estate purchases. Your Private Wealth Property Coach will guide you in all these issues. All this backed by thoughtful, forward-looking insights into real estate trends, strategies and opportunities makes CBRE an interesting partner for your real estate investments.


Property Management

By outsourcing the administrative and technical management to CBRE, you can focus on the strategic expansion of your real estate assets. The Private Wealth department will help you this way.


Sale of patrimonial companies

Our Private Wealth team specialises in assisting in the sale of patrimonial companies. These so-called "share deals" require intense assistance from various specialists. CBRE takes care of a rigorous step-by-step process whereby we discretely screen our existing database of potential buyers or sellers to find a fit with your needs. Ultimately, we strive for an optimal result for our clients in terms of a final share price as well as a legally conclusive transfer of the shareholding without suspensory conditions.


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Tailor-made property advice

How does it work?

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Property Plan

Together with you, our property coaches draw up a property investment plan based on your risk-return spectrum. This will give you a clear insight into how, when and to what extent your wealth accumulation will evolve.
<div align="center"><span style="color: rgb(105, 190, 40)">Care Plan</span></div>

Care Plan

As a property investor you want to find the right balance between keeping control on the one hand and finding peace of mind on the other. Thanks to a fully tailored CBRE Care Plan, you can focus on your core business. Do you want us to handle the property management and the company management or also the asset and project management? The Care Plan ensures that we tailor our services to meet your exact needs.
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Continuous strategic monitoring of your real estate portfolio is an essential element to monitor the value of your family's assets. The main objective of the CBRE Audit is to check your real estate portfolio against the latest real estate insights and trends. We therefore assess your portfolio in terms of risk, return, diversification and valuation. This exercise is carried out by our multidisciplinary team and led by one of our Private Wealth Property Coaches. If you would like a CBRE Audit to be carried out, do not hesitate to contact us!

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For whom is it?

Our tailor-made advisory services are aimed at all private individuals wishing to make their assets grow and create added value through real estate investment. Our client base is very diverse and includes notaries, accountants, independent entrepreneurs, family offices as well as starting real estate investors. We would be happy to meet you to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

Find your tailor-made investment property

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