The market for residential investment is undergoing rapid professionalisation. Whether you are a private investor or a promotor, we understand your need for advice in this dynamic market.

CBRE offers a unique national platform for residential investments, combined with expert knowledge on building consultancy.

Our Residential experts advise you the following:

  • Development: Advising promotors/investors in their search for plots of lands with or without construction permits.
  • Investment: Providing a large choice of opportunities for private investors.
    Our portfolio consist of existing or newly-built blocks of apartments for sale, as well as plots of land for development purpose.
  • Hold-sell analysis: Strategic vision on your portfolio and advice on the options for selling or optimising.
  • Valuation: Valuing residential complexes with the help of an expert, reliable and specialist team.
  • Up-to-date market research: Providing accurate and reliable studies and reports on the Belgian residential market.
  • Sale of patrimonial companies: Accompanying residential portfolio owners in the sale of their patrimonial company by means of a structured and transparent sales process.

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