Corporate Real Estate Strategy

We help CBRE’s international clients as well as national and local companies assess the relevance of their footprint and make the best possible use of their premises.

Workspace Design & Build

CBRE is the leading global provider of Workplace services, helping businesses identify and implement workplace solutions that improve employee engagement and deliver great business results.

Workspace Strategy & Innovation

CBRE's Workspace Strategy & Innovation team helps companies to create a vision for their workspace transformation.

Real Estate Portfolio Management

CBRE’s Real Estate Portfolio Management team provides a consolidated and accurate view of your property portfolio data, as well as comprehensive lease accounting and estates management.

Valuation Services for Occupiers

CBRE's Valuation Services team can provide benefits to stakeholders through reduced uncertainty and greater understanding of asset performance within the wider market.

Corporate Capital Markets

As an occupier of corporate real estate, your capital market needs are similar to those of any investor. But unless real estate is at the core of your business, great opportunities can be missed.

Facility Management

At CBRE we know a building leaves a lasting impression. That is why our comprehensive Facility Management services are designed to help optimize your buildings’ performance, enabling a happy, productive workforce to deliver great business results.

Project Management

At CBRE we care about the lifecycle of a building. Our Project Management team designs, fits-out, constructs and adapts workplaces to meet your business needs.

Supply Chain

CBRE’s Supply Chain management team provides strategic solutions to complex business problems that help drive real business advantage.