How to sell company-owned properties?

CBRE’s Private Wealth team has built up extensive experience in the sale of the so-called patrimonial companies. Over generations families often find themselves with real estate assets accumulated within company structures. When the day comes shareholders wish to split their interests by selling the co-owned real estate, one needs to reflect on how to diligently organize this and maximize proceedings thereof.

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CBRE is dedicated to guide you through this sales process of company-owned properties based on a strong, step-by-step plan:


    1. Produce a detailed, comprehensive overview of all real estate assets including a tenancy schedule, professional property pictures, cadastral plans...

    2. Accompany a technical review of the assets and a legal review of the company, which will result in the constitution of a vast data room.

    3. Draw up a valuation report underpinning the value of the assets.

    4. Calculate the projected net share price for the seller taking into account debts, taxes...

    5. Draft a teaser and an attractive professional investment memorandum.

    6. Discreetly approach all relevant buyers with a clear thought-through commercial pitch.

    7. Identification of the best bid both in terms of pricing and deal security, which then can be granted exclusivity.

    8. Provide guidance throughout the due diligence process.

    9. Assist in the negotiation of the sale agreement.

    10. Transfer of the shares and payment of the share price.

Thanks to our prominent position in the investment market, our dedicated Private Wealth team disposes of the largest database of Belgian and foreign investors willing to acquire patrimonial or holding companies. Together with the above process we strongly believe that CBRE will give you as a seller a competitive advantage in securing the best possible deal.