Working on the banks of the Scheldt

Always look on the bright side of life: in our Antwerp offices there is light everywhere. The fully glazed workspaces offer a magical view of the river Scheldt right across the street. No matter what the weather is like, a single glance off your screen transports you to the special vibes of Het Zuid, where our offices are located.

Our flexible desks allow everyone to sit and work where they want, according to the Plug & Play principle. There are no fixed seats, which is ideal for getting to know your colleagues! Speaking of which, the meeting spaces play a key role in creating the social bond in our offices. Whether it's the coffee and lunch corner where we talk about the latest must-watch series and our plans for the weekend or the meeting rooms with a view of the Scheldt for more formal meetings, our spaces abound with possibilities for getting together.

Wondering what can you do around here after work? Lots of things, actually! The neighbourhood is particularly known for its trendy and vibrant atmosphere, with a lot of restaurants and bars nearby. Don't worry, your colleagues will soon take you out for a few drinks after work.

Since pictures are more powerful, have a look at the image gallery below to discover the different spaces within our Antwerp offices!

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