A message from Maxime Kumpen, CEO CBRE Belgium & Luxembourg

We are living through extraordinary times. Covid-19 is presenting unprecedented challenges for families, communities and businesses. But while circumstances are changing daily, we can navigate these difficulties by working together.

Our utmost priority remains the health and well-being of our people, clients, suppliers and their families. Thanks to extensive digitization, CBRE can guarantee the continuity of our services and assist you with real-time market information, market knowledge and real estate advice. Our employees, who previously worked from our offices in Brussels, Diegem and Antwerp, have effortlessly switched to homeworking and can use an extensive technological platform and several digital tools.

A number of CBRE employees are responsible for vital, location-related work, which cannot be carried out remotely. We would like to thank these dedicated professionals for their daily work in data centers and various industrial facilities. 

Our colleagues in Asia have pioneered the impact analysis of Covid-19 on the real estate markets. Their insights and experiences may also help you. The most up-to-date information and insights can be found on the web platform, www.cbre.com/covid-19.

More than ever, we work very hard to assist our clients. Although it seems difficult today to assess the end of the crisis, we are determined to help and assist everyone and to overcome these extraordinarily challenging times together.

Best Regards,

Maxime Kumpen